Greetings Mafiosos, today we bring you quite a mixed bag of news and short game play updates for the first 10 days of the month. This blog includes 2 quickfire interviews with non other than Don_Corleone from Trap-House and DUB from Inner-Circle. Also we bring you some Admin updates as well as a short review of the most recent rounds. So without further ado lets get to it!

Quickfire interview with Don_Corleone:
[Trap-House Family: ROUND WINNER MAIN 1043]

Interviewer: We have with us one of TRAPHOUSES main men Don_Corleone after his emphatic win! Thanks for being here DC! Let’s get straight to it, tell me about how you got into TMB in the beginning and what made you stick around?

DC: I was young and fascinated by mafia life and a massive fan of the Godfather and many movies alike, so curiosity got the best of me.
I played for I think 2-3 years and returned to see old fiends and I would have never of returned if it wasn'’t for Stalked.

Interviewer: Who were your mentors and first families?

DC: I was recruited by Dusk at loco, I stayed as loco until I left the game and went back to loco when I returned, TH is my second family! I believe in loyalty and demand loyalty and from the players I play with.

Interviewer: For those who are not aware right now, what family are you with now and what’s your current strategy?

DC: I’m currently with Trap House and it’s one of the families that intrigued me, they have similar ethics to myself and a very interesting playing style, you can never get bored here! It’s all about winning it’s a great mentality to have!!

Interviewer: Where are you from in real life and what do you enjoy doing outside of TMB?

DC: Based in London the city that never sleeps, provides me with plentiful of whisky and fresh vegetables.

Interviewer: Who are you impressed by at the moment in TMB?

DC: In Trap there are few players that are impressed me, TPK, Hype even though he is hated by many and Kimbo The Queen and Dusk who also joined Trap with me and many more... the list can continue but I will stop here! There are other veterans of the game like Babbo, TMK who I also admire from a far and not forgetting Stalked, Skeemin, PaddyEnglish, crazypete, Lance, I’m sure there are many I’ve forgotten but that are all players I respect and trust!

Interviewer: Lastly, a big congratulations on your recent win, it was well deserved. How did it feel taking your first gold and do we expect to see you aiming for anymore wins any time soon?

DC: Thank you, it was felt quite amazing and massive pressure just lifted... and the feeling is indescribable! To be frank, it was all through amazing teamwork and I wouldn’t have won it without me being here in trap... the support was great. We have a winning team here im sure we will go for more...

Thanks for your time DC, So we have found out a lot of Don_Corleone’s history of TMB folks! .....A few questions to ask ourselves, will TH take another win soon? Will it be DC to commit to the win? And finally what does DC do with those vegetables in his spare time?


So we introduced killer family ranks back this Turbo round. The general feedback we got is that it was liked very much. So we can do it once every 3 or 4 rounds, let me know your feedback on this in the comments below please.

I always think that turbo rounds provide some idea of the good players and teams, especially those smaller players who excel against bigger teams, who can hold their own on even grounds, and also have the ability to steal some from the big-wigs even when the odds are stacked against being a small family.

[Sidenote: Here I will take a small liberty to relate the families on the prizes page to the main round families so we can see who is rocking out in turbo. I hope you guys don’t mind this, where I checked who you are in main, please remember you can always change your names in turbo – Storm]

- Inner Circle Won turbo 1048 Family collectors gold
- Omerta associated family won the silver collectors
- Foundhell won Bronze collectors

- Inner Circle Won Turbo 1048 Family killers Gold
- It seemed like Traphouse won family killer silver
- Traphouse won family killer bronze also?


So it seems like Inner circle looking good for the team play prizes and well done to The_Queen for snagging the top spot!

Level 4 Gold : won by The_Queen from Traphouse: Congratulations!
Level 3 Gold: Trigger from Inner Circle took that one
Level 2 Gold: Was Won by Hollywood-Hubert from UC-Avengers
Level 1 Gold: was also won by an Avengers player whose regular name, I cannot find
Free Killers: Zakhaev from Inner City Firm,. Won this. Well done!
Supporter Killers: Suckerpunch from Traphouse won that

All in all it was very exciting to watch from my side, and I am looking forward to all your feedback!


Well, it definitely seems to this Admin person that families have seemed to reach some form of peace and seem to not be challenging each other. We do not know how long this will last, but for now in the MAIN rounds there seems to be a definite form of rotation happening. I would love to hear your comments and observations about what is happening, as i do not play, I get info from observation and 2nd hand news. So it should be fun to hear the story about this in the comments below.

Player Interview with DUB[Inner Circle Family: ROUND WINNER TURBO 1046]

Interviewer: Tell me about how you got into TMB in first place and why you stayed?

Hmmmmmm, that was 15 years ago. I was probably Googling, or Yahooing as that was the thing back then and found it. I been playing off and on over the past 10 years or so. Its been the relationships built over the years that keeps me active. IC has a great core of guys that have been here over the years for 10 years or more.

Interviewer: Who were your mentors and first families?

First family was West Coast Hitmen, Knowledge, who was the founder brought me in. 2 rounds later he left family to me. He taught me the basics of game, but Torm (Crusader back then) was my go to guy about game. I think there was a core of guys, that came up together, AJ, Quag, Mero, Napalm, Matty, Pauly, Mars just to name a few helped. In WC, Eightball, BabyRosta and Jibtek were very influential in its initial growth.

Interviewer: Where are you now and what’s your strategy?

I have no strategy, lol. I just am here [ at Inner Circle]to help out when needed. I build, collect and send. Rinse and repeat.

Interviewer: Where are you from in real life and what do you enjoy doing outside of TMB?

I live in Hawaii, same island as Torm lol. Outside of TMB, I work on family ranch, paddle canoe competitively, fish, free dive (spear fish) and chill with my kids.

Interviewer: Who are you impressed by at the moment?

In game? IC, we constantly do it round after round, with no real big spender. We have guys who are willing to spend, but i believe Babbo does a great job at being efficient. Of course every family feels this way, but imo, if you are offended by this FUCK YOU. Haha, flings a canoli

Interviewer: Congrats on your first jp win. From my understanding you didn’t know you were getting it and weren’t online. Is this true ? Tell us more!

lol, Thank you. Yeah, it's my first. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting me there. For the pas 5 years or so, they wanted to get me a JP. A few times i would leave my auto off, lol. But i guess the stars aligned. I kind of knew it was going to happen, but i don't hold my breath for such things. There's way more deserving people, but i am fully appreciative and grateful.

Interviewer: Any shoutouts?

Bruh, there's too much to list. I don't think i need to mention specific names or families. If you doubt it, then you it;s probably not you. Although 2 names stands out. Storm, for providing a platform for a great community to engage in, Hate him or love him, it is what it is. And lastly Sam, baby girl, mmmmmmmm, ya know how we do. Aloha!!


The 16 Anniversary Badge is now available: So this is now live and ready for the earning. The first 5 players to display it can contact admin and earn 10k won turns.
16 years.png

Site Fixes:

We are always working on fixes and bugs to try to provide a more smooth experience. Please feel free anytime to pop a message to any staff member to report any bug or issue you encounter while playing the game.

We will try our best to speedily fix any critical issues, and if the report is not something super urgent we will get to it when more pressing tasks are completed by the coder.

Here is a note of what we worked on since we last spoke:

Stuff we fixed:

- Family Killer ranks is now available in special rounds
- 16 Year Badge now live
- Total family Kill points calculations Fix
- Family Kill points faster update on prizes page
- New User tutorial walkthrough was not working- it is now restored
- Players in protection now cannot attack other players

Stuff we are working on currently:

- Fix sub pack BUYING error: We are fi xing where a sub plan buyer gets bumped down to level 2 with no sub after purchase
- Kill point’s checks: we are checking all code and working on providing a smoother and easier experience when earning kill points
- Killer tier ranks prizes for special killers only turbo round

Even More Stats?

One of our long time players suggested we add more stats like: Most ops killed, highest looter, and so on. Can you all please let me know in the comments below some things you would like to see about this, and we will see how we can try to integrate it into the game, if it sounds exciting to have
black-mrket-gun.pngAND FINALLY:

We are constantly working on new ideas and new gameplay. From time to time I will bug random well informed players to bounce off some ideas that came up.

So keep an eye out on the forums from time to time in the near future for some news about new things we are considering building to bring a more challenging playing environment to you all!

Thank you to all our players for being part of our community, and for supporting the game. We really appreciate you all, and we hope we can continue to try to bring some excitement into the game. So please: we look forward to your comments and feedback always!

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss