Greetings Mafiosos and welcome to the last third of August 2020! Today we bring you the past round reviews, and summaries, some rumors, a quickfire interview with the trending Inner_City_Firm family and some news and views from our grapevine.


At round 1049 start - Right out of the gate, the big builder at level 4, came from Omerta. SaintBread quickly built up an even numbered ops amount on the first day, at 8,000,000 operatives, followed by what seemed to be a support build by PeteNasty who would go to 4,400,000 ops.

From what this writer saw….The war between Traphouse and Omerta seemed to have come to an end…this writer did not see any acts of war between them this past round.

There have been some rumors of alliances between Omerta and IU we are not sure what is the relationship here, other than rumors we hear from players....we hear rumors that TMK and Saint have each other’s backs. Certainly, anyone having an endorsement from TMK, who is TMB’s most prolific and feared JP player and winner, will speak volumes, if he chooses to ally with you, it is certain …you will have a powerhouse of experience and firepower at your back and front.

In a strange but very deserving twist....The FAMILY RANKS were won by Foundhell and this should be a popular win based on how hard they work, certainly this is a greatly deserved achievement for Bishop and is testament to his no nonsense attitude to the game to play hard and give it your all.

Inner_Circle took a bunch of GOLD tier medals in TIER, each except for the level 4 where they managed to take silver and also managed to snag family bronze and 2 silver killer medals . So for this writer, looking at the stats - Inner_Circle look like the big-cheese this past round - if we don't take into account the level 4 gold winner: they have been the most prolific at gaining top awards overall based on the prizes

APO_Ascension were also The Big story this round, taking family silver. Led by Roku, they were hot on the heels of Foundhell and made an excellent showing, taking the family Silver. Great job here guys!

UML have been seen recently to re-surge and last round they also entered the fray, led by Da_Secret. It is always great to see the old bigger families from the past’s icon’s back in the game!

Both IU-RU and Traphouse decided to be quiet this round. And yes….I did use the words ‘decided’ on my observational experience, both these families are super-powerhouses of TMB and they can choose to pull the trigger anytime they want.

Inner_City_Firm led by BigPeat last round….., seem to be one of the newer formed families in the game and they are making waves. This is one to keep an eye out for in the near future. Already we see them feature in this new round in the family ranks, in the top 5.

Jackpot Level 4
GOLD: SaintBread took the level 4 Gold Top Spot with a whopping $67 Trillion - Omerta family
SILVER: SnoMan won the Silver Second place silver medal at $7 trillion. Inner_Circle Family

BRONZE: Bronze Third place was taken by Spanky from APO_Ascension.

Level 3:
GOLD: JoeTwoTime at $4,001,229,710,0002. [Family: Inner Circle]
SILVER: Muzzle at $3,701,895,680,3253. [Family: Inner_City_Firm]

BRONZE: PoTrAtH at $2,504,410,187,460 [Family: FoundHell ]

Level 2:
GOLD: Action_jackson at $3,004,681,799,2612. [Family: Inner Circle]
SILVER: Bishop at $1,666,740,446,8333. [Family: FoundHell ]

BRONZE: Jonny_verteroni at $1,566,491,708,479 [Family: UC_Avengers_FU]'

Level 1:
GOLD: Tommypichero at $3,000,725,321,5532. [Family: Inner Circle]
SILVER: SideWinder_911 at $2,000,014,508,0003. [Family:IU_RU]

BRONZE: ThaIVIonster at $1,763,774,763,524 [Family:NaMeLeSs]

Supporter Killers
GOLD: Knuckles at 9,126,0312. [Family: TrapHouse]
SILVER: Joe_Loop at 7,202,5363. [Family: Inner Circle]

BRONZE: Big-duke-six at 6,694,721 [Family: Air-cav]

Free Killers:
GOLD:TOMMYPICHERO [Family: Inner Circle] Over 1 million kills
DrDisrespect [Family: Foundhell]
BRONZE:NardongPutik [Family: Exiled]
Round 1049: FAMILY RANKS

Interestingly the always-hotly-contested Family Ranks were very different from the norm: usually the team with the jackpot winner manages to snag the family gold also. However it seemed this did not happen in this round. We saw Saint’s family end up here:

7th place - Omerta - $10,362,323,211,879

Rumor has it that SaintBread with his 67 Trillion…waited too long/struggled to get online to the family bank and missed the time to react here….. thus it is said that Omerta failed to place in the top 3.

GOLD: Foundhell won Family Gold and lead by Bishop - ended at $38,907,031,170,532,
APO_Ascension won Family Silver, lead by Roku - very close competition at $37,252,392,339,215
BRONZE: Inner_Circle won the Bronze, and lead by SnoMan - ending at $28,346,386,166,660

Bishop was asked about his comment about taking family gold: ' ‘Family gold goes to show what teamwork will do. Excellent effort, excellent results. And a shout out to Blindrage....130k attacks out and 16t looted. Our MVP.’'

TURBO ROUND 1050: Short Summary

- Gold Level 4 was taken by PeteNasty from Omerta.
- Gold Level 3 was won by JoeTwoTime from Inner_Circle
- Gold Level 2 was won by Bishop from Foundhell
- Gold Level 1 was won by Oldmankush from Omerta

- Supporter Killer Gold was won by: Kimbo from Traphouse
- Free Killer Gold was won by: Alex from Inner_City_Firm

- Family GOLD was won by: [It seemed to be Traphouse]
- Family SILVER was won by: [It seemed to be Inner_City_Firm]

- Family BRONZE was won by: [Seemed to be affiliated to Omerta]

black-mrket-gun.pngQuickfire interview: Inner_City_Firm Family

It seems very appropriate to find out more about Inner_City_Firm, this round - …they certainly have been making some impact on the we managed to catch up with some of their people, …so let’s jump right into this!

Tell me about how you all got into TMB in first place and why you stayed?

Andy: Was bored and found The Mafia Boss Game: Been an addict since. Tried rehab twice but [it] didn't work

Zakhaev: Got into the game around a decade ago. Left it after playing for a year or so. Came back two weeks ago, to check on this game, after a while and Andy recruited me, after he noticed me looting the banks, and now I'm not planning on leaving this game anytime soon

Interviewer: Yeah I’ve tried to give myself a couple of days break here and there but always seem to just log in, it’s too addictive! Who were your mentors and first families?

Muzzle: I got started with Phoenix. Shout out to Alphonso and Scaletta for taking me in and teaching me the game. (I think they still show up sometimes). Phx ended up joining Legends where I meet Andy. And I come whenever he needs me to help out.

Andy: I started Aug 16th, 200. I joined ICS_Inmates. Then I joined ICS_AK_UNIT. Shout out tony_two_fifths, He taught me alot over there. Then joined family I [will always call] call home..ICS_Gods. Ikah and ninsch taught me alot. Also mafiapenguin. [he was the] Funniest dude ever. Then left game, then played again, then left again. Then I was asked by old ICS friends to return and help ICS in their LEGENDS union.

Interviewer: Nice to see some vets still hanging around then! What’s your guys strategy nowadays?

Andy: We help and train newbies and tier rank them. We help returning oldies and make new friends. We dont do naps alliances or whatever, mostly we loot and train all to play, whatever needed...Banker, Looter, Killer, Collectard (me), and Troll…...We have 2 rules, show medals and be proud!

Interviewer: I like that attitude! Where are you from in real life and what do you enjoy doing outside of TMB?

Andy: Walks with my dog kendra and footbal games (not called soccer), I’m Dutch. Also…. Dont forget whinnie. He is our oldest brother and is the loose cannon of our family. And he dates rankwhores, ROFL

Interviewer: Yeah who calls it soccer haha, Who are you impressed by at the moment in game?

Andy: I'm impressed by RanDom. He is the soul of our family, He and Elmo are the reason we all are here. Any of us would stand and die for him. :-) even Alex, if he's on time lol.

Interviewer: Who don’t you like and why?

Andy: No politics just fun, We hate all and our fam mantra is Fook em all. Learned from shaggy!!!....Our wise brother.

Interviewer: Do you have any shoutouts or suggestions for the game?

Zakhaev: Well this family is the only reason I am here but I'd say BLindrage, he reached out to me because he learnt I was in Tax Collectors when it existed.

Andy: Shoutout to Chooperjo.. keep the rum flowing! Shout out to ilovebites. You rule, lol! Big shout out to Raden. Roger, my sensei, and friend.And Elmo. Last but not least…..The plague is unleashed on TMB. Our infamous forum spammer V.

Our game Suggestions: family credit packages, If a person buys a fam pack he gets a certain amount and all other family members get 10% of turns also. It can be in game credits or bought turn packs. Makes families wanna team up and creates more fam loyalty.


Elmo: Bring back no joining leaving families after 4days

Interviewer: Thanks guys! It was nice talking to you all and it’s much appreciated!

Andy: Thank you for asking our little family!

Zakhaev: Thanks for hearing us out, we usually are never on at the same time so its nice that cause of you i got to talk to my fam members at the same time.
contract-top-bg.pngNaMeLeSS Family/UML REBOOT

With a lot of changes happening recently in the world of TMB. New families have been formed, players are changing scenery, but one in particular has had mafioso's asking questions…. What happened in NaMeLeSS recently?

Rumors fly around the streets, and everyone may have a different story! What we can confirm is the following...

About NaMeLeSS family: [for those of you who are not in the know…]....This is a proud old school indie family, and probably now the longest surviving indie family, that is still operating in the Mafia Boss Game after MANY years...….this family was formed and led by the legendary veteran - Don Domenico. They consist of a lot of old legendary veteran and school players and seem to always be a tight knitted group. Recently they have been competing in top 10 ranks for a large number of rounds.

Recently…..A prominent player known as Da_Secret, who was a major part of the family, and is also well known for his bond with the current Omertà Family Boss….. dropped out of the family.

With his departure, we saw him join into the rebirth of UML. The UML family name is synonymous with once being a massively large union, and was respected throughout the game.So now we ask….could it be that the rebirth of UML might have come at a cost to NaMeLeSs? …..Especially since the ‘split’ we have watched UML grow with numbers and seem to be imprinting themselves as a future major player for the family ranks.

On the other hand we also know Dom_Domenico and his crew are indy players and if that holds true to form then they wouldn'’t care either way. However…, we have now also seen NaMeLeSs bring back a lot of old faces and seem to be maintaining themselves as a top 10 ranking family. One mafioso in particular we would like to mention is DeViL, he seems to be a one man looting machine, and has earned a lot of respect from many in the Mafia Boss community.

It’s always great to observe the shifting sands of the tides of the Mafia Boss. We wish both families the best and look forward to seeing how it all plays out in the rounds to come!

Final Word From ADMIN:

Thank you to all our supporters and free players alike, thank you to you all for your support, kind words and for giving us many years of fun and happiness in the game.

We will keep you posted about upcoming features and projects we are now in the planning stages with.

Shout out to all staff for your help, on our social sites and in the game.Any players wishing to check if there are any jobs available can contact TMB-Admin:Tiki to find out more.

Have a great year ahead people, and we will soon again give you updates and stories from The Mafia Boss Game

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