Greetings Mafiosos and welcome to the final round of August 2021, and what a round it is proving to become! We will give you the full scoop in our next blog on all the exciting happenings, but for now let's take a short look back at highlights from this past month rounds, and at the end we feature a short Q and A session with some of our players!

unnamed.pngA Brief Round Up of Round 1121

Wasting_Effort’s Hypocrisy earned his jackpot win and managed to secure them silver family rank. Not a bad round for them at all! It would be good to soon hear a few words about their win and their current family dynamic.

USK and Prophecy_NYCU continue to lead in the loot boards, but the top families are crushing the loot too. The best of the best seem to be unaffected by this change, perhaps even benefiting from the lack of lone wolf looters.

After a few rounds of all out war TMB seems to have slowed down a little. RU_IU is still allegedly at war with at least one family (Southside)- but we need an exclusive talk with a member from their family to find out for sure.

The KP numbers seem to be obscured due to the recent changes, but one thing that’s been noticed; some of the best looters now have a lot higher KPs also making them more proficient and efficient killers.

Congrats to this rounds top killers, Babbo, BMW, Blues, and Thor!

It also appears that the bosses are getting down and dirty and doing their fair share of looting and killing, good job guys! Don’t let your boys do all the work!

As round 1121 slips past us many of us are adjusting to the culture shock, but one thing is for sure, the strongest families are adapting. Will the smaller ones adapt too?

Mini Round 1122- Brief Recap

6 aka “ ItalianBoss” swept in at the last hour “capped* himself to steal a convincing win. Mini rounds can sometimes be explosive, but this one was decisive and uncontested.

“RoadKill” “777” “GV” and “PL” all got gold Killer medals in ranks 4-1!

With banking at 100% capacity and bots armed and dangerous and a family limit of 5, the new mini rounds are going to to require the very best team work- but will still allow people to compete who many not have as much time thanks to the new banking features. I wonder how it changes the landscape for the underdogs vs top dogs.

Does this give them a better chance? The next few rounds will reveal how these changes impacted the game!

Main Round 1123

We saw chucky13 from Inner Circle take his fourth gold! Congratulations to him and Inner Circle!

Doomshop was lurking with a huge build and did damage on the last day accumulating over 11m KP.

The ranks were competitive up until the last day, where the bigger builds came in and cleaned up TMB.

It’s good to see the Killer spirit high even with the new killing arena now including armed NPC’s

Congrats to our top killers of their level, Doomshop, Dr Chronic, KillerThug and Rock!

South-side splits and we see Boundless_Void emerge from that. They appear to be small but active.

The Training Family is up and going, new players will now be placed in a starter family where they will have an easier time being introduced to the game. Say hi and introduce yourself to any of the new players if you feel inclined!

7c26b8e2649f57b6d0d3c79c9fb69055.jpgQ&A Time

TMB_BLOG GUY: This round we bring you another Q&A answered by YOU! We will keep it short and sweet because we have some great insight from the last 1.5 rounds that you are defiantly going to want to get into! Without further ado!

Here are the questions that were asked this round:

- If you had to live on an island by yourself for 3 months, and could only bring 3 things, what are you bringing?
- How many states/countries have you visited?
- What is your favorite thing to cook, your #1 recipe?
- What is your liquor of choice?
- Did you ever play sports growing up? What sports?

This should get good! And here we go….

We flew on out to Los Angeles to the Inner Circle dorm room and got a few quick surprising answers from newer player:


- I would bring my wife, a knife and a lighter, it’ll be amazing if I’m with my wife going on a survival date (Interviewer comment: yea I get it, sweet and all, but man, wouldn’t you rather bring your mistress)

- I haven’t traveled outside of the Philippines, planning in the future to definitely travel (Interviewer comment: yea, to a deserted island ha)

- Chicken and pork adobo, #1 recipe chicken thigh and pork belly, the absolute best (Interviewer comment: man I love adobo, great choice)

- Tanduay Light Rum (Interviewer comment: hmm never heard of it)

- Yes, I played basketball a lot before I broke my ankle during an accident, I really miss playing basketball (Interviewer comment: well if that dude on the court wouldn’t have crossed ya up so bad, maybe you could still be playing)

From the glamorous streets of LA to the busy food vendor streets of Hong Kong we slide into Hollywood Hubert’s DM and get some answers from him. 'Thanks HH, even though you said these questions suck, maybe next round I will let you pick them!'!

vector Babe.png
Hollywood Hubert

The 3 things I would take on the island would be:

- Middle aged MILF, Submissive, Curvy Oh wait, that is what I want for a partner on naked and afraid, but unfortunately , I never get picked for something about having no survival Kills, bullshit… okay the 3 things, a survival Rambo knife because they look cool, a metal pot for drinking water and cooking and a lighter, fire .. I give you FIRE

- I have never been outside of the USA, something about I need a passport humping commies, states I’ve been to a bunch, probably like 30 different states here in the USA

(Interviewer comment: same, except a cruise to the Bahamas a few years back)

- Chicken or steak fajitas, it’s easy and tastes good and kind of looks like an impressive meal especially if you have a hot plate that is steaming (yea that shit always amazed me as a kid, chilies always had them steaming plates)

- I Like clear liquors will go with vodka brand, will say Grey Goose, so I can order a Goose and juice (Interviewer comment: juice huh?)

- I was all about sports growing up, played basketball, football, and wrestled, do kids go outside anymore? Not sure if probably need a mask now and you can’t touch and if someone cries you get arrested… WEAK… each generation gets weaker and weaker, like my dad was a badasss, now he would be labeled a terrorist (Interviewer comment: truer words don’t often get spoke, no participation trophies in my generation, that’s for dam sure, we drank outta hoses)

From Hong Kong to …. Well, not sure here, I was on my way back to the states, then I woke up in a very dark, musty room, covered with Britney Spears posters, there was a small television playing re-runs of Telly-Tubbies in Spanish. My head hurt, in walked a man who mumbled 2 words at me and then threw me a pen and some paper, told me to post this and I would be free, the 2 words he said was JOEDOG … kind of strange but I typically hold up my end of agreements so here it is:


-I’m bringing a propane grill, propane tanks that last for 3 months, and 3 months worth of steaks (Interviewer comment:man you know them steaks gonna rot out, but you do you man, I mean kidnapper)

-Visited 6 countries from my military time and about 5 or 6 states (Interviewer comment: above all else, thank you for your service *salutes*)

-Mine is breaded pork chops (Interviewer comment: sounds good, you do regular flour, also, is applesauce on that plate?)

-Crown Royal apple is my jam or Tullamore Dew (Interviewer comment: Oh I see, a sophisticated drunk ha-ha)

-Yea I played sports, baseball, football and wrestling, but I sucked pretty much at them all, so I turned to being a stoner!! WOOOOOOF (Interviewer comment: heard that, if Id have never found pot and fast women, id probably be retiring from the NFL)

accord-bg-1.pngDecided to make a quick pit-stop in Tampa, even though I humping hate Florida, too many snow birds here and shit is stupidly expensive, but wanted to catch up with Tree Clubs very own Moon and see what he had to say, thanks Moon


-In the words of Motley Crue, I could say girls, girls, girls… but beer pizza and tv sound better (Interviewer comment: I couldn’t agree more!)

That would be 12 (Interviewer comment:I’m assuming states?)

-A good old spag bol (Interviewer comment: not sure wtf this is, do tell more?)

-That would have to be vodka (Interviewer comment: much safer to drink at work, being clear and all)

-Yes, I played a lot of sports growing up, football, rugby, cycling, not so much now (Interviewer comment: we are getting old man, it happens)

Well, while I was at the Tree House talking to Moon, Woody wanted to chime in, and normally I like to try and get 1 person per family each round but some of y'all be acting really ****, so here is Woody!


-For sure I’m bringing KY jelly, a picture of Oprah, and my bank account statement (Interviewer comment: you are becoming my hero!)

-I’ve been to 12 states, 1 territory (Guam) and 3 countries (Interviewer comment: Well traveled too, keep it coming!)

-Ham hock stew is my jam (Interviewer comment: Ok, we are back to being not friends)

-Margaritas (Interviewer comment: Yep, its official, I don’t know you)

-I played football in highschool, basketball and baseball in recreation leagues. Boring answers I know, the most interesting thing about me is I have aunts named Connie Lingus and Fay Lacio, they are real sisters.

That’s it for me this round, hopefully If yall see the Q&A in your mailbox you’ll do us all a solid and reply. But while you are reading this, why don’t you all post up some questions you would like us to send out? Should we do more questions? Less? Let us know, we only do this for you, so… help us out! Thanks, and as always, be kind to people, tell someone something nice, and encourage your friends, family and even strangers! We are all in this together! PEACE!