Greetings Mafiosos. Firstly I want to share some general updates and chat about the settings for the next 3 rounds. The game is going through a transition phase where we did some changes to the game based on feedback from all players. We found that smaller players felt very much under powered and used up 2.5k turns in no time – so we provided double turns to free players, level 2 subs and a 50% increase in the level 3 sub turns outputs. We also changed the prize setup for killer ranks and provided DU refresh for NPC

NPC Settings:

While many players welcomed the addition of Defensive units to the BOTs and recommended guidelines on the latest numbers, we will use it in future only to add enough defensive's to create a disruption so that looters have to hire occasionally. Also we will regulate to smaller cash amounts available.

To this end, NPC Settings for Main round 1123: The NPC DU refresh will be at 100 and only for now feature one type. Also the cash generated will be 3 billion every 3 hours. This will generate a total of BOT cash to 82 Trillion total, up for grabs!


Now considering that 1 x 800k credits gains you around 30+ trillion collect, we have to show love to our supporters who keep the site running by purchasing our products and therefore keep the game alive for everyone else to play. Supporters need to be able to compete in this new environment and feel like they are getting value when the decide to spend hard earned money here.

So this next round, we will set all BOUGHT turns to a 2-1 ratio. If you add 100k bought into the round, it will give you 200k to play with. Won turns will remain at a 1-1 Ratio. We will trial this and monitor over 3 rounds with this setting.

Banking Deposits %:

I also want to discuss plans for banking deposits %. The upside is smaller families and families just starting out find this easier to grow their teams. Bigger established families have no problems rolling bank. The downside with 100% banking is that there is less chance of player vs. Player looting. Also it ‘takes away’ activity for families to be online more often.

In the near future we will add incentives for families to reach 100% banking either via amount of new players in family. But for now, we must put game growth first and here we must consider the smaller guys.

Summary of changes for next round:

- ALL Bots refresh every 3 hours at 100 DU and 3 billion cash
- ALL Bought turns added give a 2-1 Ratio
- You can deposit 100% of all cash into the bank

We will keep these settings for 3 rounds and monitor your feedback and activity. It’s really tough to manage everything to keep everyone happy. Our primary aims is to attract and keep new players, and help smaller teams and new families to grow, and also, not to piss off our current supporter base who are instrumental to keep the game running all these years.

We will try our best to work hard to listen to you so we can carefully balance everything so that we provide a better rounded experience for all players....Now onto a belated look at recent happenings in the game from last round and a few choice words from some prominent players at the end:

Round 1119- A Round-Up on TMB families.

In the past few rounds, we have been seeing a lot of shuffling around the smaller families.

Tree_Club without ChicanoWolf (presumably he is taking a break) is continuing to do it’s thing by managing to be in the top ten families. As usual, they are killing freely and doing anything as they please.

SmokeHouse has decided to loot enough to take a little credit as well.

MAFiA has stuck around for another round. We all often wonder how these small families are going to cope up with the constant game changes. But surprisingly, they have done fairly well. It is impressive to see them looting a lot of cash, by adapting to the new bot features and also by mostly playing on their cellphones. Note that, these small families do not have big collectors helping them. So every dollar is truly hard-earned. Kudos to all these small families.

Southside has re-emerged once again. Arguably, it is one of the oldest families in TMB (How many of you dinosaurs agree to this?). They are back with a lot of familiar faces from the likes of former FoudHell and friends. They definitely did accumulate a lot of loots.

USK, without doubt is proving to be a power house of looters. USK seems to be the most consistent family, when it comes to relying on looting. We also want to make it a point here, that there are amazing looters in every family.

TrapHouse and Inner_Circle- War continued.

TrapHouse can loot and can kill. These long fights can be taxing. While we see fewer members in the TH family, can we presume that it’s because most are hiding tactically due to war or is it perhaps for some other reason?? Let us know what you think. However, we will all watch, what the future brings for the TH.

The war from the last round did slow down a little. The KPs were all over the place, with the new BOT feature in place. What for certain is, TrapHouse had put all their focus on killing and has continued their guerrilla warfare with Inner Circle and anyone else that becomes their target. By the end of the round, they accumulated almost 17M KPs, with THE_MOB claiming 9M KPs by himself.

Inner_Circle had around 19M KPs. The Kill Points of IC and TH were really close. IC might have got more KPs due to more BOT kills at the beginning of the round. TH might have got more KPs as they did not have all their players in one family and also they had more targets.

What will the conclusion to this war be? We don’t know about you, but we think for ourselves and for most of the community, we would love to get an interview with the leaders of these two families.

test.jpgThe Big Question

Finally, RU_IU built for the round and took it.
Who was Boulevard? Anyone know? When will TMK get to his 100 JPs?

Short INTERVIEW with 800lbGorilla:

Q- You guys (TrapHouse) were around for a few rounds and were doing quite well. But then, I heard a rumour that few of you got busy, leading to the family not being so active recently. What is your take on this situation?

A- No comment.

Q- In regards to the war with IC, it's no easy task. Are the differences settled now? What is your opinion about IC and this war?

A- I see no end to this beef anytime soon. It is a challenge to the status-quo and until there will be a tectonic shift to the game play, this fighting will continue. There may be temporary ebb to the tempo but it is not going away. Those participating (and it is not just the TH players) will continue to keep at it to their best efforts.

Interviewer- Okay! Seems like a potential calm before the storm. We can’t wait to see what is in store in the near future with this tiff. Thanks again for your time.

Quickfire with Scoller

Q- We read some rumors on the forums about your family NYCU. For the sake new players and for those who do not know, has your family been active in the past? Are any of your older players still in your current family?

A- Prophecy is an old school family and the founding family of the old NYCU. The only reason for the revival is that, several members of the old Prophecy such as Fowlmouth, Sflupin, Billy47, Sir_white_dragon, Best, were still around and we wanted our own home again and it made much sense to bring our family back. However, I am currently unsure if we will always stay under this name but we will see what happens.

Q- Without revealing too much of your game plan, what are you guys about? I can see you guys looting without hesitating to test the new bots. Can we expect more of this?

A- First and foremost, it is a home for whoever is here. Looting will be a big part of our family and soon, we may look into investing in subs. Eventually, just want the guys to enjoy themselves and do their thing. Taking each round as it comes, is the plan at the moment.

Q- Correct me if I am wrong, but is SWD your star looter? Are there any other prominent looters or players, which you'd like to mention? And how do you feel about the recent game features and changes?

A- Dragon is a great looter and most of the players cannot compete with him. However, I currently have a member (Fowlmouth) who is smashing the bots this round, although, Dragon is taking it easy this round. Either way I feel lucky to have such good looters in our family. FowlMouth...- it's good to have you home again!

We need to remember that it is not just the looting that makes a family, it is the team playing at all levels and capacities. Honestly, I could not have asked for better guys. They are active, they communicate and most of all, they play as a team. Rules have shaken up things a little for us, but this round is working in favor of us so far. We will see what it will bring to us in future rounds.

Interviewer- You are right. It used to be a looters game and it may still be, but team work is going to be the key with these new changes. It is good to have as many active people as possible, but we all know how real life gets busy too. You guys sure do have some solid players in your family.
Thank you so much for your time!

black-mrket-gun.pngShort INTERVIEW with Babbo:

Q- Hi Babbo, do you have a minute for the blog, won’t be long?
Babbo - I am looting. Let me get back to you in sometime.

After a while…
Q- With regards to the war with TH, how does this differ from fighting other families?
Babbo - Our strategy with this TH war is, just rebuild whenever you get hit.

Q- Who gave you the most trouble in the last year+?
Babbo - My Wife

*Conversation Stopper*

(I'm sure many of us can relate. LoL)

Interviewer: Thanks Babbo for a quick chat. We will do an in-depth interview sooner or later, when you can spend more time telling us about what’s happening at IC headquarters.

That's it for now Mafiosos, we hope that you all have a great week ahead and stay strong and healthy!

Thank you
- The Mafia Boss